Wednesday, September 16, 2009



After reading Archana’s FB status that she made some Jalebi, I found myself grabbing a container of Jalebi in an Indian Store a few days after! Perhaps, I’ll attempt to make it one day? I love Jalebi, though it’s not something that I will eat everyday. I’ll get diabetic at the end of the week, if I were to eat it all day long for 7 days!!

Jalebi is an Indian sweet made from a bright orange fried batter than soaked in lots of thick sugary syrup. Hence, it’s super sweet (and super yummy!!). In Malaysia, we usually see plenty of this sweet during the Festival Of Lights (Diwali/Deepavali) season. I’m always looking forward to a friend’s or neighbor’s open house during that time to munch on the delectable sweets!

Jalebi1I got my supply of Jalebi and other Indian groceries/spices here at Global Flavors in Nashua, NH.

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