Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Another Year @ The US Open

USOpen1This was the second year in the row (and my third time overall) going to the US Open in Flushing, NY. Hubby and I took his parents there this time. US Open was one of the main highlight of his parent’s US visit. I was pretty sure my in-laws (especially my FIL) were pretty excited to be able to catch one of the main tennis majors.

I was having high hopes of catching my all time idol; Roger Federer….only to have my hopes dashed when I found out that he’s only playing on Saturday (our tickets were for Friday’s game). =( We still got to watch other good players compete….just not Roger! =p.

We caught David Ferrer (left) and Jose Acasuso (right) playing on one of the side courts. Hubby and the inlaws who went in earlier (coz I had to wait for FIL’s friend to pass him his ticket) also caught the Gael Monfils vs Adreas Beck game. They also managed to see Fernando Gonzalez up close when he walked past them! =)

UsOpen2 USOpen3

We bought the night tickets to Arthur Ashe Stadium which cost us about $60++ per person. We got to walked around the tennis grounds once the gate for the evening sessions open at 6pm. No tickets required at this time to enter the tennis grounds in the evening. You only need to present ticket for the Arthur Ash stadium once that gate opens up at 7pm. It’s not a bad idea to hang around the tennis courts and catch the side games for free! =) Hehe!

Here’re some shots of the center court; Arthur Ashe Stadium.

USOpen4 USOpen5

First up was Venus Williams (our second time watching her..**yawn** and yes she won again) against Magdalena Rybarikova. Then it was Rafael Nadal (he won) vs Nicolas Kiefer. Our seats were high up for the price we paid. You could still see the game, just that the players looks like tiny ants on a large field! =p

USOPen6 USOpen7

Here are some shots of Nadal  and a picture of him picking his butt. =P My friends wanted me to count how many times he did that. Lets just say I lost count!! =)

 USOpen8 USOpen9

This year’s US Open was fun. The weather was much better  and comfortable than last year Well, better luck to see Roger next year! I’m gonna come up with a master plan to make sure I’ll be able to catch Roger!! Hubby better have this wallet ready for the damage I plan to incur in 2010! =p

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