Wednesday, January 21, 2009

USPS's Loyal Customer!

I just mailed a couple packages to my brother and some friends today....Another $63 charged to my credit card! In about one month, I've contributed close to $200 just to ship packages and mail cards! USPS should start a reward program for loyal customers like me, or some discount on the rates! Haha! It seems like they are always raising rates ...=(....Oh well, at least they are quite reliable for sending stuff domestically and still cheaper compared to Fedex & UPS! Only drawback (unless it has improved), I find the tracking system for registered packages...err....lets just say not as efficient as UPS/Fedex!

Anyway, my darling brother......your care package with goodies from mommy & daddy dearest and cookies from sister dearest will arrive in 2 days! Ayu, the dress (I hope it fits and that you love it) is enroute to should get it in about 10 days, I hope!!... Ween, your "cupcake" surprise is also enroute to Malaysia.....and you should also get it in about 10 days or so!! And my other 2 know who you are, you guys should also expect Mr. Mailman to bring you something in about 2-3 days!

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