Friday, January 16, 2009

Shrimp Sashimi For Dinner......Everynight!

Well, I can tell you that I don't have the luxury to have Shrimp Sashimi for dinner everynight! It's my Puffer Fish, Beanie (I don't remember how my husband and I came to naming this guy Beanie, though) who gets the daily diet of Shrimp Sashimi only! Beanie is a Green Spotted Puffer, and eats only juicy Shrimp Sashimi (We've tried feeding this guy fish pellets, dried fish food, etc..but nothing interest him except raw shrimp, and live snails, shrimp & fish). Thank God, one shrimp can last about one week or so....Beanie is one picky eater, as it will circle around the shrimp when it loses interest especially when the shrimp is tiny and not juicy anymore (after being its dinner for a couple days)....That's when I know, it's time to bring out a fresh new Jumbo Shrimp Sashimi and like Usain Bolt, Beanie will sprint (swim) towards the shrimp and devour it! I used to hand feed this guy shrimp, but my hands grew tired of dangling Mr. Shrimp and dear husband came up with this floater feeder device!My favorite Puffer Fish is Lucky, a Figure 8 Puffer Fish.....Now, this guy is totally the opposite of Beanie and totally different from other Puffers (from what I've read on forums) when it come to eating. Puffer Fish does not eat regular fish flakes or pellet....but this guy does!!!! It gobbles up fish pellets and it will continue to look for pellets stuck to the plant and find a way to eat it!! Not only that, when I'm chilling next to the fish tank, I sometimes find this little guy swimming near me or just staring at me and will quickly swim away when I turn to look!
Now, bear in mind these are not the puffer fish you would eat!Who would want to eat them, they're just too cute to be served on a platter! When the puffers are resting, they will curl up their tails, close up their fins and rest on a leaf/sea shell or sometimes just stay afloat aimlessly and let the movement of the water carry them around the tank. I love to disturb them when they have stayed rested for a bit, as they remind me of ME! Try "waking" them during their rest and for the first few seconds, they will actually appear groggy (Like me in the morning, before my cuppa joe!), seem forgotten how to swim and lost their sense directions!!! And that's just so adorable!!!Haha....Of course, I don't tease them that often!! These babies of mine are between 1 inch and 1.5 inches, currently and they live in this uber cool aquarium with 2 other fishes, African Cichlids!! I love that this is not the boring rectangular fish tank you usually see and it fits in our deco! Our lovely Bi-Orb Fish Tank is a 16-gallon tank, so we do have to watch the occupancy limit! Therefore, we only have 4 "babies" in our Brakish Water (Has more salinity than fresh water but not as much as salt water) fish tank. Here are the Puffers' roommates Nemo (Red Zebra Cichlid) and Dory (Blue Johanni Cichlid), both are territorial fish from Africa........So far, they are dwelling alright in the same tank for over 3 months now....=PAnd a little tribute to my late Green Spotted Puffer, Puffy who puffed so many times, we just lost count and it died eventually. We only had it for about 3 weeks, I think. Something spooked this poor guy so often that it succumbed to its natural defense mechanism, the ability to inflate. The last time it inflated, it sort of 'exploded' leaving a whole in its body =(...My guess was Puffy tried to deflate but somehow just unable to do so and just continue to inflate till its body cannot hold any longer.......We eventually had to flush the little fighter down the toilet after it stopped breathing. **Sobs**

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