Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Dragon Cookies Not....

Another item to take off from my "To Bake List"........my not quite Dragon Cookies (Loong Ping, in Mandarin).....Well, I wonder if I should change the name to Milk Cookies (Coz it does contain milk powder) or Snake Cookies or "Cacing Cookies (Worm Cookies)" =P.....I'm sorry for being a little gross!!

With my kitchen short of a COOKIE PRESS (**hint**hint), I could not press out the cookies in the shape of a "dragon", so I tried to fill my pastry bag with dough to pipe the cookies like how I would pipe frosting or icing onto cakes/cookies, but that did not work out either... No matter how much force/pressure I put on or how mighty my squeeze was, I could hardly get the dough out...... I had to resort to patiently roll and twist each cookie dough and shape them.....That's why my cookies do not look like what they're supposed to look like, but still tasted good. I have not eaten this cookie for at least 8-9 years, so pardon me if the taste is a little off!

Presenting my not quite "Dragon Looking Cookies":

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